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We’re breaking down our new year's resolution to improve our dogs’ diet. In our article, Five Ways To Be A Better Dog Parent we found that pet experts suggest fresh dog food as the best way to feed our furry friends. Modern dog parents are looking for healthier dog food options as natural dog food continues on an upward trend. Some dog parents are going beyond just packaging and organic ingredients and seeking value-driven dog food brands that are making a difference in the pet industry. We put together a list of natural dog food brands that are making a positive impact while providing healthy dog food for our furry friends. We also included some natural dog food brands that we have tried and tested with our dogs at home! That way dog parents can decide which dog food is best to improve their furry friend’s diet. All while supporting dog food brands that are leading the pet industry towards a more sustainable future.


Side by Side Pet

product image of side by side pet food in pork and rabbit flavorSide by Side Pet is an innovative pet nutrition and natural dog food brand that aims to change the pet industry. Side by Side Pet helps pet parents understand their dog’s wellness state and create a diet plan best suited for them over time. They use whole food ingredients and Eastern Food Therapy to create breed specific dog food, dog treats and dog supplements. It starts with sourcing dog food ingredients from U.S. farms and freeze-drying them to retain 97% of the critical nutrients pets need. Through the quick proprietary online Side by Side Pet Assessment Tool™ dog parents can identify their dog’s internal temperature (warm, cool or neutral) by understanding the pet’s wellness state. Then dog parents can find a diet that Side by Side Pet offers to bring them back into balance increasing their energy, health and happiness.



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Healthybud is reinventing the pet food industry through powerful dog nutrition. They focus on freeze-dried dog food, dog treats and dog food toppers that are made with superfoods and healing ingredients for dogs. These include ashwagandha, reishi, bovine collagen and many more ingredients that are good for dogs. Healthybud natural dog food is ethically-sourced, backed by research and fully balanced to improve your dog’s diet. With a goal to be the most sustainable company in the pet industry, Healthybud is already making a positive impact in the pet food industry and we’re excited to see them succeed.



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Petaluma is a 100% plant-based dog food brand that helps dog parents reduce their household’s environmental impact. This natural dog kibble is available in Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato flavor and is perfect for dogs with meat allergies. Petaluma’s oven-baked dog food avoids the use of monoculture crops such as corn and soy. Instead they use a variety of organic ingredients from small farms, including chickpeas, sweet potato and flaxseeds. Designed and backed by veterinarians, Petaluma natural dog food provides all the nutrients dogs need to thrive with a dramatically smaller footprint and without the use of factory-farmed animal protein. Each cup of Petaluma natural dog food has as much protein (33 grams) as a serving of steak, which is derived from a variety of plant protein sources to create a complete and balanced amino acid profile for dogs.

Dogdrop CEO, Shaina Denny, and her dachshund, Poppy, are also fans of Petaluma and shared their experience with us.

"I love that this dog food is plant-based and Petaluma is a truly sustainable dog food company, down to shipping packaging." said Shaina. "Poppy enjoys the flavor alone and loves it mixed with her fresh dog food for some crunch. Petaluma is a versatile kibble that can be served alone or as a low calorie treat throughout the day."


The Farmer’s Dog

the farmers dog food served in a dog bowl

The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription dog food brand that replaces any standard dog diet. This natural dog food is formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and made with human-grade ingredients in USDA-inspected kitchens. Their dog recipes are available in beef, chicken, turkey and pork. And they each provide a fully balanced diet for dogs with proteins, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Wondering if The Farmer’s Dog is right for your furry friend? They allow you to create a meal plan for dogs based on breed, weight, age, activity level and health issues to find the correct dog recipe and portion.

Shaina and Poppy also shared their experience with The Farmer's Dog!

“If you're looking for a fully customizable dog food plan, The Farmer's Dog is a great place to start. They account for your dog's weight, breed and other details specific to your dog only. Their packaging also comes with your dog's name on it, which is super cute and exciting the first time you receive it in the mail. In the future, I hope they come out with packaging that is resealable or easier to keep in the fridge."


Nom Nom 

product image of nom nom dog food variety pack

Nom Nom is another great natural dog food brand to start when considering a fresh food diet for your dog. They offer balanced dog nutrition formulated by PhD and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists on a mission to improve the health of dogs and cats everywhere. This natural dog food is made with the highest quality proteins and vegetables in a zero food waste facility. They offer a variety pack so dog parents can have their dog let them know which recipe they prefer from turkey, beef, chicken or pork. Nom Nom fresh dog food sources its ingredients from trusted and reliable U.S growers and suppliers. Each dog recipe is cooked with no high temperatures and no extrusion to preserve the vital nutrients dogs need. Once cooked, the fresh dog food is pre-portioned into fully-recyclable packaging. Nom Nom launched their Microbiome Testing Kit for dogs which is available for purchase online for both dogs and cats.



product image of caliraw turkey lamb puppy formula for dogs


The raw dog food trend has been taking off and many dog parents have adopted it for their furry friends. Caliraw is a natural raw dog food brand delivering locally sourced raw dog food and treats from Southern California right to your door. Their fresh raw dog recipes are made for puppy and adult dogs with human grade meats & vegetables in a USDA facility. They include high nutrient veggies and meats like beef, chicken, turkey and lamb and include no fillers and no preservatives. Definitely check out Caliraw if you’d like to try fresh raw dog food for your furry friend.


Primal Pet Foods 

product image of primal pet foods beef nuggets for dogs


Primal Pet Foods is another natural dog food brand making a difference in the pet industry. They offer raw dog food, freeze-dried dog food and fresh dog food. All of their natural dog foods are made with antibiotic-free and steroid-free USDA proteins without added hormones. They also include certified organic produce and unrefined vitamins and minerals for dogs to get fully balanced meals. So you can trust that your furry friend will be getting ethically-sourced and responsibly made dog food. Even if you choose to get your furry friend dog treats, bone broths, dog food toppers or raw goat milk for dogs. Can’t decide which product would be best for your dog? Primal Pet Food’s Build A Better Bowl tool creates a customized shopping list for your dog based on their size, age, current dog diet and lifestyle.


Wellness Pet Food 

product image of wellness pet food core digestive health


Wellness Pet Food has a holistic approach to pet food that focuses on real ingredients with real benefits for our furry friends. This natural dog food brand was created by animal nutrition experts, veterinarians and scientists seeking to revolutionize the pet industry. They offer recipes that benefit a dog’s overall wellness during every stage of a dog’s life from puppy to senior. Find everything your furry friend needs for a balanced diet from dry dog food to wet dog food and dog treats and dog food toppers. All dog recipes are made with nutrients and probiotics for dogs and naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols.



nulo natural dog kibble served in a dog bowl

Nulo pet foods started when the founder, Michael, discovered that most pet food recipes consisted of more than 40% carbohydrate fillers. He knew that his dog Max needed the best dog food to live a longer and happier life. So he and his team sought out to create natural dog food that is made with animal-based protein (not plant-based proteins), is low in carbs and uses low-glycemic ingredients. That way our carnivorous furry friends get the meaty nutrients they need to build muscle and support immune health. Nulo also adds probiotics to help with digestion in dogs and creates dog recipes to meet every dog’s specialty needs. Nulo offers wet dog food, dry dog food, freeze-dried dog food and many others to help you improve your dog’s diet like Michael did for Max.


Only Natural Pet

product image of only natural pet powerfusion natural dog food

Only Natural Pet is a leading natural pet brand offering everything from natural dog food to natural dog grooming products. They focus on sustainability and being a learning resource for dog parents to make the best decisions for their furry friends. The Only Natural Pet promise includes using only all-natural, human-grade, sustainably-sourced and certified ingredients for dogs. This natural dog food brand offers a wide variety like natural dry dog food, wet dog food, raw dog food and so much more. Explore Only Natural Pet’s natural dog food collection and improve your dog’s diet today.


Transition Your Dog To Natural Dog Food

Sometimes dog parents need help transitioning their dogs to new foods. This includes natural dog foods too. To help with this, dog parents can try dog food mixers like bone broths and dog food toppers. Some of the natural dog food brands we mentioned offer these dog products. Other great options include 5 Element Food Therapy and Brutus Broth. 5 Element Food Therapy creates therapeutic dietary supplements and bone broths for dogs containing a proprietary blend of whole foods and healing herbs. Not only are they super healthy for dogs, they also love the taste and make great dog food mixers. Brutus Broth creates natural bone broth for dogs intended to improve joint health and support digestion. Brutus Broth is made with 100% human-grade ingredients and never any preservatives so your furry friend gets the most fresh and tasty bone broth.


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