Pet Brands to Support On October Pet Wellness Month

Must Have Pet Health and Wellness Products

October is National Pet Wellness Month and we want to celebrate by highlighting five pet brands who are defining the pet health and wellness industry. As a dog care company that goes beyond being just a dog daycare, Dogdrop is committed to a holistic approach that addresses the most important aspects of dog wellness. That’s why we partnered with five pet wellness brands to bring pet parents some of the best options for dog nutrition, dog health, CBD for pets, dog grooming, and dog training to care for our pets inside and out. 

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Service Dogs | Tips and How to Get Involved

National Service Dog Month with Guide Dogs of America

September is National Service Dog Month, so we want to acknowledge the nonprofit organizations and service dogs that work hard every day to help people live better lives. Service dog organizations not only provide training and benefits – they create a lifelong partnership between person and service dog that provides selfless assistance and unconditional love. At Dogdrop, an LA based dog care company, we understand what it’s like to work with dogs every day and know how important it is to cherish the love and benefits dogs bring to our lives.

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Children or Pets?

Porch on Sep 10, 2021 2:41:33 PM dog tips, dog daycare, dog lifestyle

Decision Making When it Comes to Kids, Pets, and Your Home

Guest post from our friends at Porch

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Despite the challenges and sacrifices of being a parent, raising children has plenty of advantages. In addition to the love and important life lessons that come with caring for another human, research suggests you may even live longer when you have children.

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Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

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