Founder Series: Catherine Dennig, Fursure Pet Insurance Experts

Dogdrop on Sep 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM dog care tips, dog lifestyle, pet insurance

Q&A: What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance

Unexpected accidents and illnesses may come at any moment and affect you and your pet. Fursure Pet Insurance Experts help make sure your pet's health is covered while saving pet parents money on unexpected vet costs. We partnered with Catherine Dennig of Fursure to answer some questions you may have about pet insurance. We discussed the benefits and costs to help you make a better decision about what pet insurance provider is best for you and your furry companion. At Dogdrop, we are a dog daycare that focuses on dog socialization and behavior. We see so many pups each day and want to make sure they are taken care of in all aspects of life.

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Children or Pets?

Porch on Sep 10, 2021 2:41:33 PM dog tips, dog daycare, dog lifestyle

Decision Making When it Comes to Kids, Pets, and Your Home

Guest post from our friends at Porch

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Despite the challenges and sacrifices of being a parent, raising children has plenty of advantages. In addition to the love and important life lessons that come with caring for another human, research suggests you may even live longer when you have children.

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