How to Throw the Best Dog Party Ever in Los Angeles!

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing the Best Dog Party EVER!

Is your pup's birthday coming up soon? Their adoptaversary or gotcha day? Have you been dying to plan a party for your furry friend but don’t know where or even how to start? That’s okay, we get it! There are so many factors to consider, so no matter the occasion we are here to help you plan out the PERFECT celebration.

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Interview Series with WYLDBNCH Plants

Do’s and Don’ts of Dogs and Plants

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Natural Dog Food Brands Making A Difference

Improve Your Dog’s Diet With These Natural Dog Foods



We’re breaking down our new year's resolution to improve our dogs’ diet. In our article, Five Ways To Be A Better Dog Parent we found that pet experts suggest fresh dog food as the best way to feed our furry friends. Modern dog parents are looking for healthier dog food options as natural dog food continues on an upward trend. Some dog parents are going beyond just packaging and organic ingredients and seeking value-driven dog food brands that are making a difference in the pet industry. We put together a list of natural dog food brands that are making a positive impact while providing healthy dog food for our furry friends. We also included some natural dog food brands that we have tried and tested with our dogs at home! That way dog parents can decide which dog food is best to improve their furry friend’s diet. All while supporting dog food brands that are leading the pet industry towards a more sustainable future.


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Pet Products That Aid With Anxiety in Dogs

Dogdrop on Feb 9, 2022 8:15:00 AM dog cbd, dog anxiety, dog anxiety products

Relieve Dog Anxiety With These Pet Products


In our last blog we made new year’s resolutions that will help our dogs live happier and healthier lives. As the majority of dogs suffer from anxiety, we’re adding helping our furry friends with their anxiety to the list! It can be disheartening as a dog parent to see our furry companions suffer from anxiety and exhibit behaviors caused by it. Aggression, excessive chewing and destructive behaviors are just some of the symptoms of dog anxiety to look for. It’s important to recognize that there are two types of anxiety disorders in dogs. Andrei Bratu, expert dog behavior/heath/food consultant and founder of Dog Food Camp provided us his expert tips to treat anxiety in dogs. 

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Five Ways To Be A Better Dog Parent

New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Parents

Photo by Samson Katt

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Do's and Don'ts of Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs

The Best Fruits and Veggies for Dogs and What They Should Avoid

Photo by Engin Akyurt

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Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs 2021

Top 10 Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

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CBD for Dogs 101: How CBD Can Benefit Everyday Pet Wellness

Pet Releaf Discusses the Top CBD Benefits for Dogs 

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Hottest Pet Trends in Fall 2021

Top 10 Pet Industry Trends For Your Dog To Try

Scoop the Poop


WoofPack by Waggin' Trails is the go-to, multi-function carryall for active dog parents everywhere. Waggin' Trails is a woman-owned small business based in North Canton, Ohio that is on a mission to bring awareness and solutions to picking up after your dog. The WoofPack dog walking accessory bag features a unique antimicrobial compartment to store used poop bags. It has separate pockets for lots of other items like dog treats and a dog parent's personal belongings.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

How to Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

Photo by Sam Lion

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