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October is National Pet Wellness Month and we want to celebrate by highlighting five pet brands who are defining the pet health and wellness industry. As a dog care company that goes beyond being just a dog daycare, Dogdrop is committed to a holistic approach that addresses the most important aspects of dog wellness. That’s why we partnered with five pet wellness brands to bring pet parents some of the best options for dog nutrition, dog health, CBD for pets, dog grooming, and dog training to care for our pets inside and out. 

Native Pet

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Native Pet is a small startup of passionate pet owners based in St. Louis who wants to give our furry companions access to high-quality food. They are new leaders in the functional food movement. Food nerds who have studied what’s available for pets and aim to be better. They are now the first to create whole food, limited ingredient formulas that dogs love.

Native Pet believes that food is medicine, which is why they have created simple (9 ingredients or less), targeted, functional formulas that work to support total pet health. They believe in the pursuit of better products because, let’s be real, we treat our pets like our kids. Dogs deserve access to simple, data-driven, whole food nutrition at every stage of their lives. All-natural supplements can provide the added nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that will help keep pets thriving.

Formulated by a leading vet nutritionist, Native Pet chews feature clean ingredients in the exact doses your dog needs. Through a game-changing method of air-drying these ingredients, they found a way to deliver real food nutrients without sacrificing any of their naturally occurring benefits.

Soft chews tend to lean on fillers, flavorings and hard-to-pronounce ingredients that, although tasty, can be counterproductive. With their Allergy Immunity Chews and Bladder Chews, you get the cleanest, most effective chew available. These are perfect for strengthening your dog’s immune system during pet wellness month and year round.

DIG Labs

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DIG Labs is your on-demand digestive health expert for your four-legged best friend. The Princeton, NJ based pet brand believes every dog is different and that the power of machine learning can help pet parents better see what our dogs feel and need, everyday. 

DIG Labs has an online store and iPhone Stool Scanning app. They offer free, live digestive health consultations and at-home digital stool scans through the DIG iPhone app. The DIG Labs Digestive Health App enables dog parents to track and improve their dogs' number one daily health indicator - their poop - for healthier, longer lives and fewer expensive emergencies. The brand also creates custom super nutrient supplements, the Pup Sup, based on each dog's unique health goals and needs. To get started, complete a 2-minute Pup Sup formulation quiz.

They are currently running an exclusive paid at-home dog nutrition study. Benefits include free product, financial compensation, expert insights and more! Interested dog parents should enroll their dog during pet wellness month. 

Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf Edibites Product Line

Pet Releaf is the market-leading CBD hemp health brand for pets. Based in Littleton, Colorado. Pet Releaf began in the early 2000s with a mission of changing what healthy means for pets, and it has helped over 2.5 million pets on their health journey. Their products support calmness, a healthy immune system, healthy hips and joints, and a healthy digestive system.

The Edibites CBD Chews for Dogs and Hemp Oils are an excellent way to help with the stress and anxiety that arises during the fall holidays or any situational occasion year round. Edibites are available in trial sizes, perfect for the on-the-go pet parent this pet wellness month.

Pet Releaf is the first and only pet wellness brand to receive program certifications from the three most trusted organizations in their respective industries: National Animal Supplement Council, U.S. Hemp Authority™, and USDA Organic on some products. From seed to sale, from plant to pet, Pet Releaf oversees the entire manufacturing process to provide pets with the highest quality CBD pet products.

The hemp is sourced from US-based farms using sustainable and regenerative practices, and grown with no herbicides or pesticides. It also extracts from the entire hemp plant to retrieve all of the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant including CBD to benefit your pet’s overall wellness as well as target specific areas in their body. 

From there, all the Pet Releaf chews are made using whole food, human-grade ingredients that contain no fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives. After production, Pet Releaf products go through third-party laboratory testing monthly to ensure product quality and potency. 

Going beyond October pet wellness month, Pet Releaf gives back to the community during the holidays and all year round through its Rescue Releaf program in an effort to make the situation a little less stressful on rescue and foster pups as they adjust to new homes.

Skout’s Honor

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Skout's Honor was founded in 2015 by a team of dedicated individuals who share a common love for pets and a passion for making a positive difference in the world. Now the San Diego based pet brand presents next generation, life-changing pet essentials for dogs and cats. Their effective pet products feature earth-friendly, high-quality ingredients that are scientifically proven, vet-recommended, and groomer-supported.

Skout’s Honor growing product lines now include life-changing probiotic pet products such as the Grooming Essentials Kit. Why probiotics? A Probiotic grooming routine for your pet provides a protective shield to strengthen their skin’s natural ability to repair and defend itself against itch, odor and inflammation.

The Probiotic Wellness Kit includes some of the best products to soothe, heal and protect your pet's skin. These pet wellness products provide comfort and long-lasting relief for pets who suffer from chronic skin irritations, hot spots, itching, odor, dry paws & noses or itchy, or dirty ears.

Skout’s Honor is driving the growing trend of topical probiotic use in both dogs and cats. This unique approach to preventative pet care goes beyond the benefits of oral consumption seen in the beauty and wellness industries.

Tails of Connection

attention unlocked logo by tails of connection

Tails of Connection (TOC) provides the tools, resources, and community to help pet parents bond and build a connection with their dogs, themselves, and others through dog training. Attention Unlocked is a self-guided video e-course where you can dive deep into the world of dog training with professional trainer, Juliana DeWillems (CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CBCC-KA, CDBC), and teach your dog to pay attention to you voluntarily. 

At the same time, you can explore human mindfulness with Dr. Nathalie Edmond, a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training. When you finish the class you'll have an arsenal of skills that will help you and your dog thrive together in the real world. The product is only $38 which is so accessible when it comes to dog training. It also has short and fun videos that are very easy to understand and finish. 

Attention Unlocked will teach you how to build a strong foundation. Whether your dog seems to forget you exist when you walk out the door and/or they jump, bark, and lunge at things they notice, you will be able to determine the right environments to train in, and slowly begin to work through their distractions and triggers.

Tails of Connection goes beyond pet wellness, combining dog training and human mental health so dog’s and dog parents can thrive together. Pet wellness month is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your dog through bonding and training and with the help of resources like Attention Unlocked, you can both better understand each other and live more productive lives.


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