Top 10 Pet Industry Trends For Your Dog To Try

Scoop the Poop

woofpack dog walking accessory bag in red 

WoofPack by Waggin' Trails is the go-to, multi-function carryall for active dog parents everywhere. Waggin' Trails is a woman-owned small business based in North Canton, Ohio that is on a mission to bring awareness and solutions to picking up after your dog. The WoofPack dog walking accessory bag features a unique antimicrobial compartment to store used poop bags. It has separate pockets for lots of other items like dog treats and a dog parent's personal belongings.

The WoofPack is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. It's also available in various styles and can be worn four convenient ways. Great for both dog moms and dog dads who want a more enjoyable on-the-go experience with their furry friends. Optimize your eco-friendly routine by pairing the WoofPack with Dogdrop’s compostable poop bags!

Dog adventures don't stop when fall season arrives. Picking up after your dog is always the right thing to do and should be on everyone’s hottest pet trends list. With the WoofPack, pet owners no longer have to be burdened with carrying stinky poop bags. Let WoofPack carry the load and enjoy the fall season knowing you’ve done your part.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

man walk his dog using the lifehandle hands free leash

Dog walking is going hands-free and has become one of the hottest pet trends in fall 2021. LifeHandle has developed assistive carrying devices and accessories that provide solutions for active families. Whether you need to carry gear, children, or pets. The Hands-Free Dog Leash Bundle includes a base sling made of breathable air mesh, neoprene padding, and soft non-irritating fabrics. It includes the patent-pending HUB technology to attach LifeHandle accessories including the Hands-Free Comfort Leash. 

This hands-free leash is suitable for dogs of any breed, size, or age. It is designed to distribute a dog's pull force across your core and minimize that force with the built-in shock absorber all while keeping you hands-free. Many of us are longing for outdoor activity and exercise as the world reopens. This hands-free dog leash helps you get out with your furry friend and keep the full function of both hands to become an even greater multitasker. Going for a jog with your dog just got easier with LifeHandle’s hands-free dog leash.

Dog Supplements

happybond collagen dog supplement for hip and joint

Dog supplements are some of the hottest pet trends as more dog parents are seeking optimum ways to improve their furry friend’s health and lifespan. HAPPYBOND is known as the maker of the highest quality Collagen+ supplement specifically formulated to improve the joint health of dogs.

The Collagen+ dog supplement blend is created from the highest quality ingredients which support and help rebuild cartilage for optimal mobility. They offer age-specific dog supplements so that every dog can get the nutrients to help them live healthier lives. Most recently, HAPPYBOND collaborated with award-winning actress, Halle Berry, to co-create four new Elixir dog supplements. 

Pet probiotics are another dog supplement that have gained popularity in the pet care industry. Its benefits to pet’s skin and a healthy digestive system were mentioned in our Pet Wellness Month blog where brands like Skout’s Honor have introduced probiotic dog products in their line.

CBD for Dogs 

product photo of dope dog peanut butter calming CBD treats

CBD for dogs continues to be one of the hottest pet trends as dog parents take advantage of the benefits it has on their furry friends. CBD has been proven to alleviate aggressiveness and anxiety in dogs. Further benefits include calmness and relaxation, hip and joint health, and GI tract issues.

Dope Dog offers high quality, human-grade CBD dog treats, CBD oils, and even CBD shampoos for dogs. These are ideal for dogs who struggle with situational stress, inflammation, and aggressiveness. Made with tasty yet digestive-friendly dog ingredients, it’s so worth giving CBD for dogs a try! Whether you choose CBD dog treats or CBD oils, there's something for every dog to benefit from.

Cozy Dog Sweaters

dog wears the light grey fido turtleneck by the barkers

We couldn’t leave dog fashion out of our hottest pet trends list. Sir Dogwood has all of the up to date pet trends you need to keep your furry friend looking cozy chic during the fall season. Their cozy dog sweater collection includes styles from affordable to contemporary brands. And there’s a style and size for every breed. This way dog parents can match with their furry friend during fall season or whenever it’s cold outside.

From warm cotton to premium cashmere, there's a cozy dog sweater to suit every dog's personality and style. Sir Dogwood also carries other dog fashion products like casual sweatshirts and dog accessories so you can find just what you need in a premium space curated just for you and your furry friend.

Head-to-Tail Denim

product photo of the city denim gift set by doodle couture

Featured in British Vogue, Doodle Couture is a New York-based dog lifestyle brand that combines modern design with functionality and innovation for all dogs. They specialize in dog accessories that have a varied and unique sense of style. Offering dog parents a new way to connect with their pets and their community. Their capsule collections feature collectible styles that change throughout the year. So you have to get these pet trends while you still can.

Doodle Couture’s dog accessories create real connections with more than just your pooch. In the dog park or on the sidewalk, their fun and whimsical styles are meant to inspire conversations and unite new friends. Each product is made with the most comfortable fabrics and highest quality finishing available for a luxe look and feel. It’s no wonder they earned a spot on our hottest pet trends list.

Fall in love with the City Denim Puparazzi Gift Set this fall season. A head-to-tail denim set that provides an instant trendy dog look. This matching dog set includes everything you need for daily walks and more. From an adjustable dog harness and leash to a denim dog bandana and collar! Denim is timeless and the perfect fabric for dogs to wear during fall season and year-round. 

Custom Pet Art 

 woman hols up blanket by petcanva with a printed design of her dog

PetCanva is the market leader for creating unique art creations that allow pet parents to enjoy their pet in a creative way. Based in Austin, TX, this pet company understands that bigger is better. Especially when it comes to displaying the love between pet and pet parent! You can now express your unabashed love for your furry friend with custom pet art.

PetCanva’s artists capture each pet's one-of-a-kind traits and turn them into framed pet illustrations, clothing, pet accessories, blankets, coffee mugs and more. Take part in one of the hottest pet trends this fall season by showing your dog mom and dog dad pride in a unique way. Now you and your furry friend can have your own custom dog illustrations and more to display in your home, office, or wherever you go!

Dog Travel Carrier 

dog lays on dog travel carrier by wild one

The dog Travel Carrier from Wild One has become a bestseller during fall 2021. So many people are traveling with their furry friends as the world reopens and require an airline compliant carrier for dogs. The travel carrier is super comfortable and suitable for dogs up to 16 lbs.

It features breathable mesh walls, a dual use dog leash and shoulder strap, and an interior cushion that folds out to become a comfortable dog bed. It's also available in three trendy colors perfect for the fall season. Now you can travel in style with one of the hottest pet trends that your dog will thank you for.

Dog Wipes

product photo of dogdrop paw and bum dog wipes

Wet wipes are a holy grail for so many industries like beauty and automotive. Dog wipes are now trending in the pet care industry and have quickly become one of the hottest pet trends in fall 2021. Paw and Bum dog wipes from Dogdrop are durable yet sensitive enough for every dog. Keep in mind that not all dogs have ghost poops! They are designed for wiping your furry friend’s paws and bum, but are safe enough to use on every part of their body.

The Paw and Bum dog wipes come individually packed, making them perfect for on-the-go dog parents. Portable enough to carry in your pocket or in your bag during walks, hikes, or wherever your furry friend gets dirty. Your dog will never bring dirt into your car or home again when you have dog wipes on hand. 

Pet Insurance

dog poses next to pumpkin pet care chuchi box

Interest in pet insurance is more prominent than ever as pet ownership percentages have increased in the last few years. According to The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), 3.45 million of U.S pets were insured in North America at the end of 2020. Dogs make up 82.9% of them. This pet trend is forecasted to continue increasing as more pet parents are searching for better cost-effective ways to care for their furry friends. 

Pumpkin is a leading pet care company providing pet insurance and preventive care for both dogs and cats. They prioritize the health and wellness of pets by partnering with trusted veterinarians to offer pet parents wellness packages that meet their needs and budget. They make pet insurance simple by offering straightforward plans that include pet prescriptions, emergency care, and preventative care.

Wondering if pet insurance is right for you? Check out Dogdrop’s Q&A with pet insurance expert, Catherine Dennig, of Fursure


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