Where to take your dog swimming in 2022

With temperatures rising, it can get difficult to come up with new ways to keep your dog entertained without overheating. If you haven’t thought about taking your dog for a swim, then take this as a sign to do so.

What are the best places to take your dogs swimming?

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Okay, so you want to take your furry friend to swim but you have NO idea where to go? That’s okay, we got you! The best places to take your dogs swimming are at the beach or in a local lake. The beach can be ideal because you can run with them on the sand, play fetch in the water, or even let them enjoy a nice dip to cool off from the summer heat. If you live near a lake, there will often be designated areas for dogs to swim and play. This is a great option because there is less traffic meaning that you can relax while your pup enjoys some fun in the water. No matter what type of location you choose, make sure that your dog wears a life vest when they're playing in open water- it's an important safety precaution that could save their life!​

Other good options include taking your dog to a doggy pool party, where they can socialize with other pups and enjoy some fun in the sun. There are also plenty of dog-friendly hiking trails that have streams or lakes nearby- this way, your pup can get some exercise while also enjoying a refreshing swim. When you go swimming with your dog, make sure to always clean up after your dip in the water, and always provide fresh water for them to drink to avoid dehydration. We want to make sure they are having a great time while staying hydrated.


During summertime, what are the top areas to take your dog to go swimming?

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There are plenty of great places to take your dog swimming during the summer time but some of our favorites are the beach and local lakes. Dog swimming pools offer a great time but can get crowded. Going to a beach allows for more space and fun summer activities like picnics, playing fetch and even sunbathing. Regardless of where you choose to take your dog swimming during summertime, it is important to always provide them with fresh water and a treat, they’ve probably worked up an appetite.


What types of dogs like to swim most? 

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All types of dogs seem to enjoy swimming, but some breeds really take to it like fish! Breeds that were originally bred for water work, like retrievers and poodles, tend to be natural swimmers and love getting in the water whenever they can. Some herding breeds also have a strong affinity for swimming- perhaps because they were once used to herd sheep near bodies of water? Whatever the reason, dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy a good swim- even small breeds who might not look like they would enjoy it often surprise their owners with how much they love playing in the water! If your dog doesn't seem interested in swimming, there's no need to force them- just let them splash around at their own pace.


Where can you take your dog swimming in Denver?

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One of the best places to take your dog swimming in Denver is at Sloan's Lake Park. This large lake offers plenty of space for dogs (and their owners) to splash around and enjoy the water, and there are also designated areas where dogs can swim off-leash. 

Other great options include Cherry Creek State Park, which has a variety of trails that lead down to several different lakes- perfect for a fun day out with your pup! If you're looking for somewhere more urban, Confluence Park is an excellent choice as it features multiple fountains and spray parks where pups can cool off on hot summer days.


Where can you take your dog swimming in Los Angeles?

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One of the best places to take your dog swimming in Los Angeles is at Dockweiler State Beach. This beautiful beach has a designated area where dogs can play and swim off-leash, and there are also picnic areas, volleyball courts, and fire pits available for visitors.

Other great options include Echo Park Lake, which offers several walking trails and plenty of grassy areas where pups can run around and enjoy the sunshine.

 If you're looking for something more adventurous, Snoop Dogg's private resort 'The DoggyDizzle' is a popular choice among pet lovers in LA- this luxury resort offers multiple pools and grooming services along with on-site pet boarding. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of great options for taking your dog swimming in Los Angeles!​


Is there swimming therapy for dogs?

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Yes, there is! Swimming therapy for dogs is often used to help them recover from injuries, build muscle, and improve their overall mobility. Many veterinary clinics offer this type of therapy, and it can be an excellent way to help your pup get back on their feet (or paws!) after an injury. If you're interested in swimming therapy for your dog, be sure to speak with your veterinarian to see if it is right for your pet.


What are the benefits of swimming for dogs?

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Swimming is a great way for dogs to stay active and fit- it's a low-impact activity that helps build muscle and improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, swimming can be therapeutic for dogs who are recovering from injuries or illnesses- it can help improve mobility and overall quality of life. If your dog enjoys swimming, be sure to incorporate it into their regular exercise routine to keep them happy, healthy, and active!


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