How Apartment Buildings Could Be More Dog Friendly

Dog owners in America have long been struggling to find places to live that are both affordable and accommodating to their furry friends. In recent years, some strides have been made in the right direction with the advent of dog-friendly apartment buildings.


Why apartment buildings should be more dog friendly in 2022

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There is still a long way to go before all apartment buildings are truly friendly to dogs and their owners. Here are four reasons why apartment buildings should be more dog-friendly in 2022:

1. Dogs bring joy to their owners and they should be able to live wherever they want.
2. Dogs provide companionship and can help reduce stress levels.
3. Dog-friendly apartments can actually increase property values.
4. It's the right thing to do!

Dog owners everywhere deserve to have the option of renting an affordable, dog-friendly apartment. Here's hoping that more and more buildings will start to become pet-friendly in the years to come.


How can apartment buildings be more dog friendly?

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  1. Dog-friendly apartments can provide dog run areas, where both you and your dog can explore and roam safely.  If there is not enough space for a dog run, they can ensure that there is a dog park nearby the property and let their residents know.  
  2. Yappie hour events can provide an opportunity for both dogs and their owners to socialize with their neighbors. They can partner with local businesses, dog brands or food trucks and expand the party for everyone to enjoy!
  3. In most apartment buildings there are special amenities for humans like gyms, a clubhouse, or pool but rarely do we see any for dogs. They can provide a dog daycare on-site or special pricing with nearby facilities, grooming services and maybe even pet sitting services. 

These are only a few examples, but there are MANY ways apartments can become more dog friendly and appealing to dog owners. It is important for dog owners to have the option to live in a dog friendly apartment, so they can experience all the joys that come with having a furry friend.

Does downtown Los Angeles have a lot of dog friendly apartments?

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There are plenty of dog-friendly apartments in downtown Los Angeles. Aliso Apartments, AVA and One Santa Fe are just a few of the awesome apartments in Downtown Los Angeles. There are plenty of dog parks, dog runs, dog-friendly cafes, coffee shops and even dog-friendly beaches in the area.  So, if you're looking for a dog-friendly apartment in downtown Los Angeles, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs. And know that Dogdrop is your dog daycare in LA!


Do apartment complexes offer dedicated recreational spaces for pets?

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A few dog-friendly apartment complexes do offer dedicated recreational spaces for pets. However, this is not yet a widespread practice. Dog parks and runs are becoming more common in apartment complexes, but there is still much room for improvement in this area.

As more and more people own dogs, the demand for dog-friendly apartments will continue to increase. It is important that apartment buildings start to become more accommodating to furry friends and their owners. By offering dog-friendly amenities, apartment complexes can make themselves more attractive to potential renters and increase their property values. With so many benefits, there's no reason why every apartment complex shouldn't be dog-friendly!


How can Dogdrop work with apartments in Los Angeles to be more dog friendly?

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By working with Dogdrop, apartment complexes can provide their residents with the services they need to take care of their dogs and make their apartments more dog friendly. It is important for dogs to socialize, yes they want friends too, so by providing a space for dogs to mingle and have fun it can provide the owner’s a peace of mind that their dogs are safe, happy and healthy.


Do dog owners make the community a better and happier place to live in apartment complexes? 

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100% YES! Dog owners make the community a better and happier place to live in because they provide companionship, love, and security. Dog ownership has many benefits for both the individual dog owner and the community as a whole. You're likely to make a friend or two thanks to your pup! Find a pet friendly apartment complex near you!



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