Pet Releaf Discusses the Top CBD Benefits for Dogs 

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Whether you see advertisements for CBD on your social media pages or see it on the shelf at your local pet store, you may have considered trying it for your furry friends. In an oversaturated pet CBD market, it can often be a confusing and overwhelming world to navigate. If you have been curious about CBD benefits for dogs, our friends at Pet Releaf are here to break down the basics of CBD for dogs and the multitude of benefits it may offer.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the 100 natural compounds, also known as cannabinoids, found in the hemp plant. Whether you’re looking to use CBD for yourself or your pet, the way CBD works in the body is one and the same. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). When CBD is consumed, the ECS activates a two-way communication system between the brain and other systems in the body, such as the nervous system, immune system and cardiovascular system. Since CBD helps in so many areas of the body, you may hear of CBD being beneficial to many different health concerns.

What are the top CBD benefits for dogs?

dog parent feeds furry friend edibites by pet releaf

CBD is a wonderful product to have handy in your dog’s supplement cabinet. Dog CBD can be administered daily to benefit everyday dog wellness. It can also be used in specific stressful situations like crowded events, visiting new places, or during thunderstorms.

Promotes Calmness

The most common use of CBD for dogs is in stressful situations like leaving them at home while you’re at work, when traveling with your pet, or during loud situations like Fourth of July. Whether your dog gets freaked out by loud noises or hates being home alone, CBD may help promote calmness and relaxation during these stress inducing situations. Try to administer dog CBD about an hour or so before a stressful event so the effects of CBD have time to sink in.

Supports Occasional Discomfort

Does your dog experience occasional hip and joint discomfort after a long day at dog daycare or after a hike? CBD for dogs may help support a normal inflammatory response in their body. This means dog CBD is perfect to use for recovery or as a preventative before strenuous activities. The effects of CBD are also great for senior dogs who may be suffering from arthritis or hip and joint pain as they grow older.

Supports Digestive Health

Humans can agree that having an upset stomach can be an uncomfortable experience. We don’t want our furry friend to experience stomach pain either. CBD for dogs may help support a healthy digestive tract and act as a digestive aid. Try administering dog CBD to help soothe your furry friend’s tummy the next time they experience digestive discomfort.

Supports a Healthy Immune System

CBD for dogs isn’t only for senior dogs or pups with specific health concerns. CBD can also be used for younger dogs who are generally healthy to keep their wellness in check! As dog CBD may support a healthy immune response in your furry friend’s body, this is perfect to use as an everyday dog supplement to keep your pets feeling their best.

How do I administer CBD for dogs?

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CBD for dogs is often available in a variety of products. Dogs can experience the effects of CBD whether it be in a CBD tincture, CBD soft chews for dogs, dog CBD capsules, or even topical CBD for dogs found in shampoos and balms. Before you purchase a CBD dog product, you may want to consider what would be the best delivery method for your furry friend. If you don’t think your pet would prefer taking a CBD dog supplement by mouth, you may want to find a CBD oil for dogs that can be administered with food without losing any effectiveness. Topical CBD pet products can be applied to your furry friend’s skin as needed to help with skin irritation, itchy skin, and dog bug bites.

It’s important to review the recommended CBD dosage for dogs that is provided along with the CBD pet product you choose. Be sure to also read the ingredient panel to ensure your dog doesn’t have any allergies that would result in any unwanted side effects. CBD oil for dogs is often best administered by mouth. Some CBD oils can be mixed with dog kibble or wet food for convenient administration. CBD soft chews for dogs can be administered anywhere on-the-go! They are perfect for bringing along in your bag as a precaution when out in new spaces. Some other great use of CBD soft chews can be during dog training sessions and to promote calming during a long car ride or a large gathering.

The packaging of any CBD pet product should provide administration guidelines, so you know exactly how and what CBD dosage for dogs is suggested for your furry friend.

When should I administer CBD for dogs?

dog parent feeds furry friend cbd hemp oil by pet releaf

It is recommended to administer CBD for dogs daily so you can keep your furry friend healthy. If you’re not looking to invest in using dog CBD every day, you can always use it as an occasional dog supplement. If you have a lot of company coming over for a holiday party and your pet gets uncomfortable in large gatherings and loud spaces, you may want to administer dog CBD about an hour prior. This will help ensure your pet is calm and relaxed in time for the event. CBD for dog pain should be administered immediately in senior dogs showing signs of aging and occasional hip and joint discomfort. This will help target their aches and discomfort as it develops.


What should I look for when buying CBD for dogs?

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With so many pet CBD brands in the market, you may be wondering what you should look for to ensure that your pet is receiving the best. Most importantly, look out for quality certification seals on the packaging. This will guarantee that you are receiving a high quality, audited product, such as USDA Organic (U.S. Department of Agriculture), NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), and USHA (U.S. Hemp Authority).

Make sure to also find a brand that uses full spectrum hemp extract in their CBD pet product. Full spectrum ensures that your furry friend is receiving not only CBD, but other benefits of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant as well. A reputable CBD brand will also provide third party laboratory testing on their website or will provide it to you if requested to ensure the quality and potency of their products.


Try Pet Releaf CBD for Dogs

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If you’re on the search for a quality CBD brand that matches all the above criteria, try out Pet Releaf CBD for dogs! Pet Releaf is proud to have helped over 3.5 million pets on their health journey. They offer a multitude of CBD-infused dog products from CBD Hemp Oil for dogs, Edibites, Topicals, and Capsules. As one of the first pet CBD companies, Pet Releaf is proud to have spearheaded a change in uncovering exactly what healthy means for your furry friend.

Not sure which Pet Releaf CBD product to try? Try out their Product Finder! Their product finder offers custom recommendations based on your pet’s age, weight and health status. 

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Pet Releaf began in the early 2000s with a mission of changing what healthy means for pets and has helped over 3.5 million pets on their health journey. Its products support a healthy immune system, situational stress, hip and joint discomfort, and more. All of the products incorporate hemp sourced from U.S. farms using sustainable and regenerative practices and is grown with no herbicides or pesticides. By providing the highest quality products, they are proud to have become the most-trusted pet CBD product company in the industry – and to be truly making a difference in pet’s lives.

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