The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dog Dad

We understand the time and patience it takes to raise a dog as one’s own. This is why we believe dog dads deserve the same personalized treatment as any other dad. We’ve curated this list of the best Father’s Day gifts in 2022 for the special dog dad in your life. These Dog Dad Day gifts are sure to bring smiles and improve the life of dogs and their dads.


The New Dog Dad

dog peek inside the welcome home pet bundle

Photo credit: Harry Barker 

Harry Barker thinks that dog dads should be recognized for all the love they give to our furry friends, and we couldn’t agree more! Congratulate the new dog dad with a Welcome Home Pet Bundle that includes essential products their new puppy and dog needs. Harry Barker is a San Francisco based pet lifestyle, home and accessory brand offering fun, planet-friendly, quality pet products. Each product is designed to complement one’s home decor as much as they are meant to please a pet. This bundle makes the best dog dad gift to show the new dog dad in your life your appreciation to pets while investing in quality, sustainable pet products they can feel good about. A portion of proceeds from the sale of select products is donated to other like-minded organizations and causes who also stand behind pets, people and the world we live in.


The Stylish Dog Dad

man and dog wear matching tshirts that read legend and legacy

Photo credit: Dog Threads

For the dog dad with style, matching outfits are the perfect dog dad gift! Dog Threads is a Minneapolis based family-owned business creating ethically made, trendy apparel for dogs and dog lovers. They provide premium goods perfect for the dog dad in your life. Whether you choose to surprise him with matching T-shirts or matching pajamas, your dog dad and his pup will be the coolest duo in the room. Dog Threads donates 2% of every sale to non-profit animal rescues around the US and every purchase of a matching set feeds a shelter dog for one full day.


The Artsy Dog Dad

a framed portrait of a dog by andre caceres

Photo credit: Andrea Caceres

Andrea Caceres is an illustrator, designer and book maker based in New York City. She uses her talents to create customized portraits and apparel that feature your pet. You read that right. Now dog dads can wear their furry companion or have them made into art to hang on their wall! Surprise the artsy dog dad in your life with a digital or watercolor portrait of their dog. A sweatshirt or hat would also make for the best dog dad gift. A perfect way for them to wear their dog and show everybody they are not just a dog dad - but a cool one! 


The Health-Conscious Dog Dad

product photo of petaluma dog food bag

Photo credit: Petaluma

The saying “You Are What You Eat” not only applies to humans – it applies to our dogs as well! Let Petaluma be the best dog dad day gift for your health-conscious dog dad this year. It can become hard to choose the best food for your dog when there are so many options to choose from. Petaluma has made it easier for dog lovers to provide the best care for their dogs and the planet. They have formulated dog food that contains over 50% organic ingredients and a mix of plant-based protein sources, including organic chickpeas, peanuts, brown rice, yeast, and more. Each cup of Petaluma has as much protein (over 25 grams) as a serving of steak or 4 glasses of milk. Petaluma sustainable dog food is based in Oakland, CA and ready to ship your Father’s Day gift worldwide.

Tips from the founders: U.S. pets account for 25% of all U.S. meat consumption, which is similar to the meat consumption of all 80 million people in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Petaluma helps reduce your household's consumption while meeting 100% of your dog’s dietary needs.­


The Sustainable Dog Dad

product photo of the 3 pack plastic free pet toy set

Photo credit: Package Free Shop

Every dog dad loves playtime with their pup. It gives them the opportunity to get their energy out while spending time together. Unfortunately, most dog toys are made of plastic that will likely be disposed of after your dog rips it apart. Our environment is already living through a plastic crisis, so we found a great alternative for the sustainable dog dad in your life! Package Free Shop is a sustainable lifestyle store based in New York City offering eco-friendly, plastic free everyday products to help you live a zero waste and low impact lifestyle. The Plastic Free Pet Toy Sporty Set is made from toxin free wool and cotton and is 100% backyard compostable and recyclable. It may just be the best dog dad gift for dogs and their sustainable dad. Now they can play responsibly and be earth friendly too!


The Active Lifestyle Dog Dad

product photo of the grip trex dog boots in red currant by ruffwear

Photo credit: Ruffwear

Dog dads love incorporating their pups into their active lifestyle. Whether it be out playing catch or going on a run. Humans are always out shopping for the next best athletic shoes. We want a pair for walking, for running and another for hiking, but what about our dogs’ paws? Dogs require protection from the elements like we do. Ruffwear is a Colorado based performance dog wear company creating everything outdoors for dogs from hiking boots to life jackets. They have dog boots for every terrain and every size paw, and they come in stylish colors! Like the Grip Trex Pairs in red currant. Give your dog dad the best dog dad gift by helping them protect their dog’s paws during outdoor activities. 


The Tech-Savvy Dog Dad

product photo of the fi gps dog collar in blue, yellow and purple

Photo credit: Fi

Every dog parent’s worst fear is losing their dog. 10,000,000 pets go missing in the U.S. every year: No one should have to go through that. To help alleviate dog dads’ worries, there’s the Fi Smart Dog Collar. Fi is a New York City based tech company that has created a smart dog collar with a built-in GPS dog tracker and activity monitor. It’s like “Find My Friends” and an Apple Watch for your dog, with LTE-M-enabled GPS tracking and step counting. Give the tech-savvy dog dad in your life the best Father’s day gift – the gift of a worry free life with their pup. 


The On-the-Go Dog Dad

product photo of the poop bags and paw and bum wipes by dogdrop

Photo credit: Dogdrop

Life is all about being on-the-go and prepared for whatever comes next. Dog dads are always going from work to play with their dogs and have no time for a messy situation. That’s where Dogdrop comes in! Dogdrop is a Los Angeles based doggy daycare offering must-have dog products for all dog parents. Their Compostable Poop Bags and Paw & Bum Wipes are the daily essentials every dog dad needs! The poop bags are thick, durable and leak proof and are certified compostable made from plant starch. The Paw & Bum wipes are individually wrapped for on-the-go wiping. Perfect for cleaning dog’s paws and bum before entering the house or car. Get them as a set to make it the best dog dad day gift for the on-the-go dog dad.  


The Hygienic Dog Dad

a bulldog lays next to the dr cuddles grooming duo

Photo credit: Dr. Cuddles

Caring for your pet’s hygiene can change from being a tremendous time-consuming struggle to a carefree spa day! Turn doggy bath time into a fun time for dog dad and his pup with the Dr. Cuddles Grooming Duo. Based in New York City, Dr. Cuddles is one of the first pet brands focused on creating medicated pet cleaning and wellness products that deliver visible results. Dr. Cuddles has created a veterinary-approved, no-rinse formula that is the perfect dog dad gift for the hygienic man! Dr. Mat Glassman is a veterinarian and expert in scientific and premium pet care. He and his partner created a line of all-natural pet dry shampoo that leaves dogs and cats happy and clean. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and it can be used daily. The brand blends only natural, medical-backed ingredients to care for your pet’s wellness and hygiene, including Vitamin E, aloe vera, plant extracts, and essential oils.


The Homebody Dog Dad

matching varsity sock set for humans and dogs

Photo credit: rue21

For the dog dad who loves staying home with his pup, the Varsity Stripe More Dogs Matching Pet Sock Set from rue21 might just be the best dog dad gift. Perfect for lounging around the house with your dog! Dog dads can make movie night a date with their dogs while wearing these cozy and stylish matching socks. Aside from matching varsity stripes, dad’s socks say 'Less People More Dogs' and their dog’s socks feature silicone grips on the bottom to prevent them from sliding on slippery surfaces. Need to step outside? These matching pet socks pair great with both human and dog sneakers! Rue21 is a proud supporter of pet organizations and has donated and contributed to local humane societies around the country.


The Coffee Lover Dog Dad

product photo of the roll over breakfast blend by hugo coffee

Photo credit: Hugo Coffee Roasters

Dog dads, like so many of us, are obsessed with coffee. They are already drinking it every day, so what if we told you that there’s a way to give back to dogs with every cup of coffee? Hugo Coffee Roasters is a Utah based small-batch roastery who provides ethically sourced coffee and helps rescue dogs. They donate 10% of their quarterly profits to dog rescue organizations such as the Best Friends Animal Society Utah, Paws for Life, Nuzzles & Co, and many more. After receiving this dog dad day gift, drinking his cup of coffee will feel even better knowing that he's helping rescue dogs when doing so. 


Written by Dogdrop

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